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Has Ireland’s environmental activism lost its teeth?

One of the strongest memories of my childhood was my family visiting the eco-warriors who lived in the trees in Glen of the Downs woods beside the N11. We had recently moved to Bray, the M50 did not exist and... Continue Reading →


My Mental Illness Won’t ‘Get Better’

Today is World Mental Health Day. The last decade has meant a huge change in how we view health, chronic illness, and mental health and those changes have been a long time coming. Now nearly every school and university campus... Continue Reading →

Sing at a Protest: VOICES4CHOICE (Bucket List #45)

The Repeal the 8th campaign in Ireland to repeal an amendment to our constitution which makes most forms of abortion not only illegal but unconstitutional. All constitutional changes in Ireland are subject to popular vote or referendum. Voices for Choice... Continue Reading →

The Power – Book Review

The Power by Naomi Alderman (4 /5) This is a challenging read that left me uncertain how I felt about either the questions being posed by the author or the reading experience itself. "It doesn't matter that she shouldn't, that... Continue Reading →

Ireland needs Solarpunk

What has a genre of eco-speculation got to do with Ireland's changing political landscape? What could solarpunk offer a country that is not actually famed for its sunshine? "Solarpunk is a movement in speculative fiction, art, fashion and activism that... Continue Reading →

A Soft Day

Rain so light, call it mist Gathering on me almost unnoticed Except for my glasses And the pond's splashes And where it bruises the apple blossoms.   Call it misting, a soft day, For lingering in the back doorway, Too... Continue Reading →

We call it Heritage

Ireland occasionally trips over its relationship with its own heritage. In the same week that Donald Trump declared March, Irish-American Heritage Month, to the discomfort of many, Irish minister for 'Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs',  Heather Humphreys proposed a bill... Continue Reading →

Sonnet for Unlovable Nature

Celebrate saving the less charismatic Write odes to plankton, snail and flies, Our love of birds and mammals may be automatic, But we struggle to value lichen in our lives. It's harder to to sing of fungi than tigers, Hard... Continue Reading →

Digital Media and Nature Conservation

Technology and nature are often portrayed as opposing forces. We are told to "log off" and go outside. The manner in which digital and other medias can extend a love of wildlife and the outdoors to those not raised with it... Continue Reading →

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